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There was announced the bestselling domestic vodka globally

The British magazine Drinks International published ranking of the bestselling alcohol globally. According to the broadsheet the domestic «Khortytsya» is on the list of the fastest growing global vodka brands. The brand of absolute quality showed the highest growth rates among the three leaders worldwide, and at the end of 2017 it became the bestselling domestic brand globally.

In addition, «Khortytsa» became the fastest growing brand in America. As previously reported by Patrick Pryer, the commercial brand director in the US, following the results of past year, «Khortytsa» showed the rapid sales growth: «The volume of supplies to the US market increased by 133%. The brand is well-known in the USA having notable advanced characteristics.»

The brand ambassador explains success of «Khortytsa» by using of the best raw materials – next generation alcohol «Finest Wheat», spring water and author’s recipes.

«According to the tasting results, this alcohol brand has the highest performance. This is also supported by success of «Khortytsa» at international tasting competitions», – commented Patrick Pryer.


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